15 January, 2019
In May of 2018 The Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery featured my wind turbine series along with the work of fellow painter Stewart Jones and glass artist Alexi Hunter in a show called "Intervention on Nature". The exhibit overlapped with the hugely popular Downtown Kingston! Art After Dark Spring event. Since that time, a selection of my wind turbine paintings has been available at the Gallery and this has been a wonderfully successful partnership.
27 October, 2017
Far and Wide: Taylor Statten Bursary Fund annual art show Thursday, November 2nd, 5pm. The Storys Building, 11 Duncan st. Toronto
16 November, 2016
Since returning a decade ago to Kingston, her hometown, Susanne Langlois has been reclaiming her old community and enjoying her extended family. A painter, she is also becoming increasingly ensconced in Kingston’s diverse, dynamic art scene. Described by a childhood friend as “kind, patient and gentle,” Susanne is rather private, yet she delights in being genuinely involved with her expanding community.
2 May, 2016
Learn more about An Artist's Journey by Mark Bergin.
10 November, 2015
The 2015 Crystal Ball in support of the Limestone Learning Foundation was a huge success! Susanne mentored two students from the school board. She collaborated with each student to create paintings which were auctioned off to the public on